Summer is well and truly here in Dubai, and memories of the pleasant weather throughout the day we had in previous months are becoming more distant with each passing day. Summer in the UAE brings with it soaring temperatures, harsh sunlight and warm winds from the interior. Given these conditions, it is very important to protect oneself from heat exhaustion, dehydration and other such conditions that are common occurrences in the summer.

With this and the Covid cases on the decline, we at Yinyang Connection Massage Center thought it best to suggest how to ensure that you make the most of this summer without compromising on your health and safety.

1. Avoid the Peak Sun- While the weather is rarely cool during the summer, there are most certainly different degrees of heat. Between the hours of 9AM and 4PM, the sun is usually sizzling. It is best to stay indoors (or in the shade if you need to go outdoors) so that you are able to avoid the worst of the heat and keep your body temperature at an acceptable level. Try to make sure your day is structured in such a manner that you do the things that require you to be outside, such as running errands or exercising, during the early morning or the evening once the sun loses its intensity and the weather becomes more pleasant. You may want to schedule your relaxing massage at Yinyang during this time to feel more relaxed and in-shape

2. Stay Hydrated- The vast majority of us sweat more in the summer as our bodies attempt to combat the heat. The reasoning behind this is simple- as our body becomes hotter as a result of the external heat, it secretes sweat. The sweat then absorbs the heat radiating from our bodies until it evaporates, cooling us down in the process. It is important that we keep ourselves hydrated in order to allow this process to continue without leaving us feeling weak and ill. One thing that wellness experts agree upon is that limiting our caffeine intake during the summer months can help keep us hydrated and healthy. Try to regulate your caffeine and fluid intake to make sure your body is not put under undue stress. However, it is also extremely important to consume the right fluids, as we will discuss in the next point.

3. Make sure to replace lost electrolytes- Sometimes, people follow health advice without realising the true benefits behind it. While hydrating is important, our bodies cannot replace sweat with water. The reason for this is simple- sweat is made up of water and salts. Drinking water does not replace the salts our body has lost, which can result in a sodium imbalance. That is why it is critical to ensure you are consuming electrolytes or other fluids that help you replace that salt content when you exercise or are sweating a lot as a result of the temperature outside.

4. Wear light coloured clothing and cooler fabrics- There are steps we can take to ensure our body feels as cool as possible when we leave the house. Make sure you wear lighter colours, as darker colours retain more heat. You can also keep your body cool by wearing loose-fitting clothes that are preferably made out of fabrics like cotton that do not retain as much heat as some other fabrics.

5. Wear Protective Eyewear- It is important to protect your eyes from the strong rays of the sun during the summer in Dubai. Even if one avoids the direct rays of the sun, the glare from sunlight being reflected off reflective objects such as glass and sand can still cause harm to your eyes in the long run. In order to prevent this, one should either wear a wide-brimmed hat that protects the eyes and face, or use eyewear with polarized lenses along with sunscreen to protect yourself from the rays of the sun.

6. Listen to your body- The most important thing you can do is to listen to your body. The human body will send us several signals when it starts to feel uncomfortable, and if we are receptive to these signals, the problems we are facing will not get exacerbated as a result of our actions. Regardless of whether or not you have followed all the tips listed above, it is possible for one to still experience discomfort while out in the heat, exercising or even indoors. It is important that you try and understand the signals, as the first instinct is usually to brush the issue away, and convince yourself that it will pass. We must remember to be far more cautious in the summer as compared to other times of the year, and the best way to start is to understand how we feel when we are completely healthy and hydrated, so that we have a benchmark.

Another issue faced by a lot of people in the summer is muscle cramping, which is often the result of a drop in our electrolyte levels and related dehydration. Getting a massage helps with muscle cramping and allows your muscles the ability to relax and recover from past exertions. Make sure your massage routine complements your lifestyle.

At Yinyang, we prioritise the health and wellness of our patients. Get in touch with our team to understand how massage can help enhance your lifestyle, or book your appointment today.