Detox Massage in Dubai - Removing Toxins from the body !

The detoxing massage stimulates your lymph nodes to help the body detox by supporting your body’s internal filtration system. It is good for muscle tension and pain, lymphatic drainage, and water retention. In addition, the massage helps to flush out toxins and helps strengthen the immune system, allowing it to fight against infections. Many people like to have this massage after liposuction.

Experience our redefining Detox Massage in Dubai! The body is constantly producing toxins/poison as we eat food laced with chemicals, junk food, breathe polluted air, and also part of the oxidative process in the body. We have to find a way to eliminate these toxins.

Detox Massage Benefits. Why is it important for you?

The Detoxing massage at Yinyang is designed to be a transformational experience that helps the body detox and aims to rid the body of toxins and other pollutants that may have accumulated over time.

The massage works to stimulate nerve endings and tissue in the foot and involves an array of movements that help rid the body of harmful toxins.

How is it done? Detoxing and Lymphatic System

Through the use of rhythmic strokes, pressure is applied to muscles, tissues, and organs during massage therapy. The therapist’s aim is to help stimulate the circulatory system.

Think of a sponge: when pressure is applied to the tissue and fat, toxins are literally squeezed out from in between the muscle fibers and cells. They’re released into the circulatory system for easier elimination.

Your lymphatic fluid system works with your cardiovascular circulatory system to flush out toxins and carry immune cells throughout the body to help defend against infections.

If your lymph fluid circulation gets sluggish, toxins can accumulate and immune cells may not get carried to the areas of the body where they’re needed.

Our lymph system doesn’t have a big central pump like the heart to keep things moving, it has to rely on gravity, exercise, breathing, and frequent massage therapy.

So if you haven’t been as good as you should be about your exercise, diet, and “me time” routine, you will feel aches, pains, and swelling (lymphedema). It can also cause deterioration in organs and glands like the thymus which are vital players in your immune system. It is also called a lymphatic drainage massage.

So if you’re not feeling your best or haven’t been as healthy as you’d have liked lately, try a massage to get back on track. Remember to drink a glass or two of pure water after the massage to help the body flush out toxins more rapidly.

A Detox Massage Near Me

Our Detox Massage goes beyond relaxation to offer a wealth of holistic benefits. Looking for a detox massage near you? Call 04358 8838 or Book an appointment for Detox Massage at any of our spa located at Dubai Mall, Al Safa, JBR and Village Mall in Dubai. We also offer a range of other massage services at Yinyang Spa for your health and wellness.

Therapist giving detox massage to a lady

Price List

TIME: 60 MinsPRICE: 315 DHS
TIME: 90 MinsPRICE: 440 DHS
TIME: 120 MinsPRICE: 550 DHS
*Inclusive of 5% VAT

Our Customers Love Us!

Awesome!!!! I visited yesterday, this palace is wonderful. The rooms are clean and quiet.The staff is friendly and very well trained. Finally the massage quality is very good. I recommend it for anyone who wants to feel fresh, in my opinion it is one of the best places.
Shaheer Shahee

The spa is on another level just like any 5 star hotel… Loved everything about my massage experience there…definitely the best spa in level is wow…staff are so friendly
Engy Al’awdan

Very professional massage from highly experienced therapists. The place is new clean and elegant- I highly recommend it!
Reem Al Falasi

Was waiting for this to open for a long time. First massage in maybe 5 months. With the lockdown, you wonder if you really want to go back for a massage. They seemed to have managed it pretty well. The massage was good for sure. The facilities are clean, hygienic, commodious and inspire confidence. Will go back. Soon.
Manu Kashyap

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