Everyone has a slightly different idea when it comes to what the perfect holidays look like, but there is usually one central theme- people would like to feel rejuvenated before the start of the new year. Some people like to to use the end of the year to rest and relax, others focus on spending time with their loved ones and recharge their batteries for the start of the new year. Some use this time to work on their fitness (the amazing weather can be an excellent motivator to get out there) while others prefer to set those goals for the new year and wait for it to start before working on their fitness.

There is one thing, however, that we could all benefit from during the holidays, and that is a detox massage. Our lives have become so fast-paced that we invariably make certain compromises as part of our day-to-day life- whether that is in the food we eat, the liquids we drink or the air we breathe. Ingesting these unhealthy substances from time to time can lead to a buildup of toxins in our blood, and our everyday lifestyle does very little to stimulate the lymphatic system- the system within our body responsible for expelling these toxins.

Even if we live the ideal life from a health perspective, our everyday bodily functions, like cellular feeding, lead to the production of toxins like carbon dioxide, sodium and other byproducts after converting oxygen, minerals and and other nutrients into energy.

The lymphatic fluid system works with your cardiovascular circulatory system to flush out these toxins and carry immune cells throughout the body to help defend against infections. If your lymph fluid circulation gets sluggish, toxins can accumulate and immune cells may not get carried to the areas of the body where they’re needed. Your lymph system doesn’t have a big central pump like the heart to keep things moving, so it has to rely on gravity, exercise, breathing and frequent massage therapy. So if you haven’t been as good as you should be about your exercise, diet and other such factors, you can feel aches, pains and swelling- all indicators that your lymphatic system is operating at a less-than-ideal level.

Removing these toxins from our bodies leaves us feeling better and healthier in the long run, and also helps to prevent small, nagging illnesses and injuries when done on a regular basis.

It is crucial to monitor your fluid intake on the day you get a detox massage, as it is the lymphatic system is responsible for maintaining our fluid levels. Since the primary purpose of a detox massage is to to allow the body to get rid of toxins, the massage stimulates the lymphatic system as much as possible, which can make you feel dehydrated. We would recommend drinking more than your average intake of water on the day you receive a detox massage.

The next time you have a couple of hours free and are trying to decide what to do, consider treating your body to a detox massage- it will thank you in the long run! If you would like to book an appoint, visit our appointment booking page and reserve your slot today- we hope to see you soon!