Intestine Care Massage

Stomach Massage for Intestine Care will focus on your upper abdomen to help reduce problems like gas due to improper food digestion and other digestive tract problems. If you feel bloated, this massage will help you relieve the feeling. It can reduce bowel overload and associated health problems.

Yinyang brings the most authentic Massage for Intestine Care in Dubai! The way most of us eat these days, toxins do accumulate in our bodies, and they start in the digestive tract and colon.

They build up over the years, stretching the colon out of its proper shape and position within the body.

Massage for Intestine Care is also known as Stomach Massage or Abdominal Massage. The French have a very colorful term called ” massage des intestine ” which translates to bowel massage!

Massage for Intestine Care – Cleaning the Digestive Tract

Even if you think you’re in reasonably good health, if you’re an adult, your digestive tract and colon undoubtedly have been abused and will profit from cleansing. One of the common problems in all ages is of Intestine Care and flatulence. Stomach Massage for Intestine Care helps in reducing Intestine Care and digestive tract problems.

If you do have a health problem, your digestive tract unquestionably is in poor condition. An initial, deliberate cleansing program, then the maintenance of a clean system, is essential to healing and restoring your body ecology.

If you start eating properly but don’t cleanse the colon, you will slow down the healing process significantly.

Stomach Massage – How is it done

The therapists use their fingers, knuckles or heel of the hand and apply pressure on the stomach in the area below the rib cage. The pressure moves in a horseshoe pattern to stimulate and energise the digestive tract.

Abdominal massage to relieve bloating

Abdominal massage or massage for Intestine Care also helps reduce flatulence or bloating. Flatulence is the accumulation of gas due to improper digestion of food. This is both uncomfortable and socially embarrassing.

Massage for Intestine Care

Massage for Intestine Care helps

  • Reduce the need for long-term laxative medication
  • Relieves flatulence (wind) and/or Intestine Care
  • Reduce bowel overloading and associated health problems.

Best “Massage des Intestins” at Yinyang

Yinyang Connection Massage Center has 4 branches across Dubai at Dubai Mall, Al Safa, JBR and Village Mall where you can book an appointment for the most authentic massage for Intestine Care or ‘massage des intestins’ in Dubai. We also offer a range of other massage services at Yinyang Spa for your health and wellness.

Lady giving intestine care massage to a lady

Price List

TIME: 30 MinsPRICE: 210 DHS
*Inclusive of 5% VAT

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