Traditional Chinese Medicine (or TCM) is a guide or a path to a holistic life that nourishes the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional facets of a person.

TCM is one of the oldest recorded healing arts in the world. Despite that, it is once again gaining in popularity, unlike most of its contemporaries. This is because the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine are as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago. The reason for its continued relevance is simple- it works!

Traditional Chinese Medicine encompasses a wide range of techniques such as herbal medicine, acupuncture, cupping therapy, gua sha, tui na (massage), die-da (bonesetter), qigong (exercise) and dietary therapy. One of the most fundamental tenets of traditional chinese medicine is that the body’s vital energy (ch’i or qi) circulates through channels (or meridians) throughout the entire body, tying it together. It is for this reason that TCM requires treatment of the body as a whole, rather than just treating a specific problem area. Traditional Chinese Medicine has evolved over the years, incorporating Western concepts where necessary so as to provide patients with the best chance of healing.

By using TCM, you can prevent problems before they even occur as you work to fix imbalances in yourself which could have otherwise manifested as problems in the future.

At Yinyang Connection Massage Center, we incorporate principles from Traditional Chinese Medicine into our massage to help ensure balance within the body and mind.