Pregnancy is a time filled with joy for expecting parents who are getting ready to welcome the newest addition to the family. However, pregnancy puts a toll on expecting mothers over the course of the nine months as their bodies diverge from its usual mode of operation. Pregnancy affects hormonal balance within expecting mothers, affects their posture- even the way their bodies store food and other nourishment!

 All these changes often result in discomfort that can be alleviated through massage. However, many expecting mothers are simply unaware of the benefits pregnancy massage has to offer or are skeptical of the safety of such a massage for both the mother and the child. Pregnancy massage at Yinyang is completely safe and is performed by therapists trained in ensuring the safety of both mother and child.

 The massage table is set up in a semi-reclining position, with wedge pillows and extra padding to help ensure comfort as the expecting mother shifts from side to side. The main points of focus during the pregnancy massage are the back, hips, arms and legs. Pregnancy massage helps alleviate a lot of the conditions that commonly occur during pregnancy, providing relief and comfort at a time when both are usually at a premium. Some of the conditions that pregnancy massage can help with include: 

  1. Insomnia- One of the most commonly received pieces of advice for soon-to-be parents is to sleep as much as they can before the baby arrives. However, in the case of expecting mothers, this is easier said than done since the pregnancy often makes it difficult to rest comfortably in any one position, making it difficult to sleep. Most expecting mothers go through innumerable nights of tossing and turning in vain attempts to gain some form of relaxation, and this does not even take into account the difficulties caused by the hormonal changes that women undergo when they are expecting! Pregnancy massage helps not only alleviate the physical discomfort, but also stimulates the production of serotonin, a hormone that modulates the body’s pain perception. Serotonin also helps to stimulate the production of melatonin, a hormone that is largely responsible for inducing sleep.
  1. Joint Pain- One of the most commonly reported effects of pregnancy among expecting mothers is joint pain. The pain is not restricted to only one part of the body, with the most common paints of discomfort being the hip, lower back, pelvis and knee. There are several factors that result in the sudden increase in joint pain, such as the postural shift that takes place as one’s body adjusts to the pregnancy, the increased stress being placed on one’s lower body due to the added weight, and also the increased secretion of relaxin, a hormone that, among other things, also relaxes one’s ligaments. Pregnancy massage is one of the best ways to counter this joint pain, as it not only leads to an increased secretion of serotonin (as mentioned above)
  1. Leg cramps- Another commonly reported issue during pregnancy is leg cramps and pains. These occur based on a number of factors- increased stress being placed on the lower body due to the additional weight being carried, reduced blood circulation due to the reduction in physical output and also (in some cases) low calcium levels. Pregnancy massage helps provide relief to the cramping muscles, as the legs are one of the main areas of focus in a pregnancy massage, along with the back and hips. The therapist will aim to promote blood flow to the legs during the course of the massage, as well as providing relief and relaxation to the stressed muscles in one’s legs and reducing water retention in the lower body.

So if you are looking for a solution to insomnia, joint pain or lower body cramps during pregnancy, book an appointment for a pregnancy massage at Yinyang and experience the relaxation and bliss it offers first-hand! Utilise the experience of our therapists who have been trained in the art of pregnancy massage, and focus on getting ready to welcome the new addition to your family instead of worrying about the discomfort being caused by the pregnancy!