Foot Reflexology Therapy in Dubai

Alternative remedies to Western Medicine have become increasingly popular in the 21 st century, given their holistic nature that tends to rely on harmonisation of one’s internal energy, rather than the traditional approach of western treatment. There is an increasing willingness to explore alternatives to long-term medication, especially for conditions that are not completely understood by the medical community, such as stress and anxiety, or are recurring in nature and require constant medication, such as neck pain or back issues.

Part of the willingness to explore alternative medicine is borne out of an unwillingness to experience the side effects that a lot of these medications cause on a long-term or full-time basis, as these side effects can often be as uncomfortable as the initial problem itself. While adherence to scientific principles has been critical in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic and in eradicating diseases like polio, science does not have a cure for every condition.

Part of the attractiveness of alternative remedies lies in the fact that they are rarely incapable of coexisting with the treatment prescribed by a physician, allowing patients to try both in an attempt to solve the problem rather than having to choose between two courses of treatment. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a broad field of study, consisting of several unique treatment methods like cupping, acupuncture, reflexology, herbal medicine and others. The common element behind most fields of study within Traditional Chinese Medicine, however, is qi (pronounced “chee”).

Qi is one of the foundational principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. A person’s qi is the flow of energy throughout their body, across the various pathways of the human body. If these energy pathways within the body are blocked, or the energy is flowing incorrectly within the body, it can lead to illnesses that manifest within the body.

Proponents of Traditional Chinese Medicine have likened this to studies conducted by experts in Western medicine who correlate one’s mental and emotional state well-being with physical health and rate of recovery. There have been several studies that link ulcers, hemorrhoids and other physical illnesses to one’s emotional and mental state, which is also considered by many experts to be linked to one’s qi.

How Foot Reflexology works

The field of foot reflexology has been studied for thousands of years. The basic premise of foot reflexology is that the energy pathways that flow throughout the body end in the same basic areas-the feet, the hands and the ears. If there is an energy blockage relating to a particular part of the body, it can be corrected by working on the end (or beginning, depending on how you choose to look at it) of that particular pathway.

Masters of Traditional Chinese Medicine spent centuries correctly identifying the part of the foot that corresponds to each individual body part, allowing today’s students to build on that work by learning the maps made by experts in the past. For example, sinus trouble can be counteracted in reflexology by focusing on the tips of the toes of the left foot. In a similar manner, there is a part of the left or right foot that corresponds to nearly every body part, helping clear those energy pathways and making you feel better in the process.

What can foot reflexology help with

Foot reflexology can help with a variety of conditions. Over the years, foot reflexology has become a commonly accepted method of treatment for certain conditions, as well as a supplementary form of treatment for conditions that require long or continuous courses of treatment.

Some of the most common conditions that people try to combat using foot reflexology include stress relief, pain relief, sinus trouble, colds and bacterial infection. Many people have even reported that getting reflexology treatments boosted their immunity and fertility. Foot reflexology treatments have also been known to improve digestion, dealt with nerve pain and arthritis and even helped them in combating cancer (as a supplementary treatment).

Reflexology has helped a lot of people to overcome challenging conditions, and can do the same for you. Get in touch with our team to learn if our signature reflexology treatment in Dubai can help you live a better, healthier life and book your appointment today if it can!