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The Best Massage Treatments in Dubai

At Yinyang Connection Spa in Dubai we aim to rejuvenate your mind and body, and ensure that you are in a better mood when you leave than when you came. Beyond that, most of our massages have specific functions they can help you in achieving, adding to your overall wellness and complimenting your diet or training routine to amplify the effects of your lifestyle (or minimise them, in certain cases). The treatment you opt for is often as important, if not more important, than the spa you choose.

In order to help you make a better, more informed decision, we have laid out the techniques and benefits of each of the most popular massages that we recommend as a best spa in Dubai and Best massage in Dubai.

Detox Massage–  We all have some habits that we know are not the best- whether that is the food or liquids we consume, a lack of exercise or anything else. In such situations, it is often advisable to stimulate one’s lymphatic system in order to assist it in detoxifying our body, thus preventing a buildup of harmful toxins that could have an adverse effect on our health and well-being in the long run. The stimulation of the lymphatic system enhances its ability to collect these toxins from one’s body, with it subsequently being excreted from the body. Learn  more by clicking here

Pregnancy massage– Being pregnant is often described as one of the most rewarding journeys one can undertake, but it is not without its drawbacks. Pregnancy places severe stress on certain parts of the body, like the back, hips and feet; and the changes in lifestyle that accompany pregnancy often cause discomfort as well. Pregnancy massages are designed to protect both the existing mother and foetus, while relieving the stresses and discomfort that pregnancy causes in a manner that is both safe and relaxing. At Yinyang Connection Massage Centre, we employ the use of special tables that allow the expecting mother to lie in positions that are recommended for pregnant women, and perform a gentle massage on parts of the body where massage is recommended. Learn more by clicking here

Meridian Shiatsu– Meridian Shiatsu is a massage that relies on the Japanese technique of applying finger pressure (known as “shiatsu” in Japanese) to specific parts of the body in order to achieve specific results, such as increasing the flow of energy through the body, getting rid of headaches, or simply counteracting aches and pains that have flared up. Meridian Shiatsu massage can trace its origin to Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the treatment is based on the same principles that apply to reflexology or acupuncture. Learn more by clicking here

Sports Massage– Sports massage is a form of massage geared towards optimizing muscle condition and ensuring muscle recovery. It is used by athletes to remain in peak condition despite rigorous training which makes it difficult to avoid wear and tear. It is also helpful in recovering from, as well as prevention of, sports-related injuries. The purpose of the massage differs depending on the exact timing of the massage, i.e. whether it is a pre-workout massage or a post-workout massage. Regardless of the timing, however, a sports massage will aim to restore your muscles to their peak conditioning, leaving you feeling like a brand new person! Learn more by clicking here

While these are some of the most popularly requested treatments, we have a host of massages that can help you in a variety of ways. Please click here to view our full list of services, or to book an appointment.


Buy Massage Gift Vouchers in Dubai

Looking to buy Massage Gift Voucher in Dubai…
Yingyang Massage Gift Vouchers are your perfect choice

For most people, a massage is far more than someone kneading your muscles, it is a therapy for pain relief, stress management, wellness care and health in general.

A massage at Yinyang is an experience- a time to be restored, pampered and spoilt; a time that allows the stress to simply melt away- a time to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. We at Yinyang Connection Massage strive to make each person’s massage experience unique.

In today’s world, where we can buy just about anything without leaving the comfort of our homes, one of the subtle shifts we have noticed is that many people now prefer to receive gifts that are experiential rather than a product that they can just as easily buy themselves. Experiential gifts can provide an indication of just how close one is to the recipient, as the experience can be tailored to suit the exact requirements of the recipient, providing them with the sort of unforgettable experience they are likely to cherish for years to come. This can take many different forms – whether it is a stress relief massage for someone going through a particularly stressful time; a sports massage package for someone in your life who has recently started working out and is likely to experience a fair amount of muscle stiffness in the coming weeks, a pregnancy massage package for an expecting mother, or simply a luxurious four hands massage or Korean massage experience for someone who is unlikely to pamper themselves.

Whether you want the recipient to indulge in a bespoke experience by selecting a relaxing, detoxifying or deep tissue spa treatment or want the soon-to-be-mom to feel more relaxed during her pregnancy-gift her Yinyang’s Tension relieving- calming back massage, eliminating any unwanted stress from the body. Choose from our extensive range of Specialised massages and gift them pure joy.

Our gift vouchers are completely customisable in terms of value or package that you would like to select, allowing you to choose a specific package on behalf of the person you are gifting the package to, or simply assigning a monetary value to the package so that they can select the massage that they would like for themselves. The gift voucher can be purchased online, or you can collect a physical voucher to gift. You can even provide special instructions, such as a request to do up the massage room with flowers and balloons for someone’s birthday! At Yinyang, we strive to ensure that we provide the recipient with the exact experience that you envisioned.

Looking to buy a gift voucher for someone? Get in touch with our team to learn more about the options available to you!

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