Over the years, men have toughed out their pain by relying on quick fixes such as pain medication. Seldom have they chosen a proper treatment (even a rudimentary one) or sought out the root cause, let alone opt for holistic therapy.

Well, that’s not the case anymore.

Thanks to a progressive society, more and more men are now exploring massage therapy, reaping its benefits and committing to a healthier lifestyle.

Massage Services for Men

Men are often overwhelmed with stress, which repeatedly triggers their brain’s fight or flight response. Such a repetitive occurrence is detrimental to one’s mental health and, by extension, physical health.

Massages give that response a rest and provide ample room for our body to self-heal with an inherently calming effect. Coupled with a healing touch in every stroke, massages at Yinyang guide you into a deep state of serenity.

Back Massage for Men

Contrary to Yinyang’s de-stressing environment, many men have stressful jobs that are physically demanding, sedentary or require frequent travel. Such routines entail sustained postural anomalies, giving rise to debilitating back pain in most cases.

Yinyang offers a Back Massage that reduces pain and discomfort due to tired or strained muscles in the back and, at times, neck, hips and shoulders. It also counters stiffness and mobility issues by releasing muscle tension and clearing knots and tangles in the targeted area.

Thai Massage for Men

Thai Massage is a specialized form of therapy that combines Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic principles. Originated in Buddhist monasteries and practised across Asia for over 2,500 years, it is one of the most ancient yet popular healing techniques.

During a Thai Massage, the therapist uses her hands, legs, knees and feet to perform a series of yoga-like stretches and apply muscle compression, joint mobilization, and acupressure. It is known to relieve stress, reduce back pain, promote flexibility and rid you of tension headaches.

Massage Spa for Men in Dubai

At Yinyang, we intend to deliver the most relaxing treatments in tranquil surroundings so that you get to experience the alignment of the body, spirit and mind.
So Gentlemen, get ready to unwind in a relaxing and ambient setting.

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