As we are all currently homebound as we try to help slow the spread of Covid-19, our normal morning routines have gone for a toss (in most cases). It is very important for you to ensure that a new routine is established in order to minimize the impact of the pandemic on your daily life. Here are some tips from Yinyang to help you establish your new morning routine.

Stick to Your Morning Routine

It can be very tempting to change your morning routine now that you are working from home. You no longer need to worry about commuting, or even getting ready unless you have a video call. Having a lie-in and that waking up and simply switching on your laptop and and being “at work” seems like a great way to start the day- until you factor in the drop in productivity. Going about your normal routine- having a bath, getting out of your pyjamas and sitting at a desk and working have been proven to have a marked effect on your productivity. So try and ensure that you go about your work routine as normally as possible so that you can be as productive as possible

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Because our movements have been restricted, our daily output has reduced significantly. Even if you did not exercise on a regular basis, the restriction on movements has reduced the amount you walk in a day. It is more important than ever to ensure that you are eating healthy and eating right in order to limit the effect of the lockdown on your body.

Try and exercise everyday

Exercising during a lockdown can be a challenge. However, it is necessary in order to bolster your immunity and keep your muscles from atrophying due to the sedentary lifestyle we are all faced with. There are some simple stretching exercises you can do without requiring a very large space- be it stretching or a workout designed for a particular muscle group. There are several free online tutorials to help you get started in case you are interested!


Our new lifestyles have caused a lot of stress to a lot of people for a variety of reasons- whether financial, health-related or lifestyle-related. Our mental health is more precarious than ever as a result of this and it is important to make sure we do everything possible to minimise the impact. Our new lifestyles have left us with a surplus of one thing- time. Use this time effectively by meditating in the morning for as long as your commute would have otherwise been. This ensures that you start the day off in the right head-space, which can be crucial if you work with other people (or even live with other people).

Try and stick to a routine as much as possible, as it helps create a sense of normalcy in these abnormal times. Whether you realise it or not, your body craves a routine and establishing one can help you more than you realise!