With the availability of most modern conveniences right at our doorstep, a sedentary routine tip-toed its way into our lifestyles. Countering a stagnant pattern at home might be considered easy, but the same doesn’t hold true at a desk job that demands long hours of sitting. In any case, due to lack of movement and minimal exercise, our bodies undergo sustained postural anomalies, eventuating in back pain.

Massage Therapy for Back Pain is a boon, not only for executives bound to a chair for the better part of their day but also for athletes and gym enthusiasts who toil away their bodies unceasingly.

The most commonly occurring back pain is known as lumbago or lower back pain, followed by less common mid and higher back pains that extend to the shoulders and neck. Contrary to popular opinion, a massage for back pain concentrates on not only back muscles but also the muscles in the neck, buttocks, hamstrings, and abdomen. That’s because, quite often, the root cause of back pain lies in the tightness of muscles in the areas mentioned above. A massage for back pain releases muscle tensions, clears knots & tangles, and reduces muscle soreness.

At Yinyang Massage Centres, a back massage is conducted by a trained massage practitioner in a placid and hygienic environment. Certain kneading and pressure point manoeuvres performed by the therapist allow your back muscles to breathe by relieving pressure off the tense zones.

A Massage for Back pain at Yinyang, Dubai, not only mitigates the physical tensity but also stimulates blood flow and alleviates psychological stress, thus becoming a wholesome, body and mind nourishing ritual.

Leave your worries at the door of the ever-therapeutic Yinyang Connection Massage Centres and submit yourself to a luxuriously liberating experience.

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